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$7 for $15 Worth at Q. Cumber’s Cafe Delicious Gourmet

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Expires Dec 31, 2010 01:00 AM Valid at any of the 3 Q. Cumber's cafe Locations


3 New york Locations! Cholov Yisroel Gourmet and Delicious
Information and Reviews

Q.cumber’s is one of the Jewpon Team’s Favorite Resaurants. It’s our go to place to for important meetings on a hungry Stomach. From the warm colors that splash the walls, to the calm music streaming overhead, to the bright smiles behind the counter eager to help, Q. Cumber’s Cafe has quickly become the place to be! The quiet and comforting ambience quickly turned a timid salad bar into a full-swinging café; a place where women can enjoy a day out with the girls, and men can host important lunch meetings.

Q. Cumber’s offers a vibrant array of foods to suit every mood and every age. Don’t like black olives in your Greek Salad and prefer Mozzarella Cheese to Feta Cheese? Then why not build you own salad at our delicious salad bar? Choose from an assortment of freshly prepared salad toppings… cherry tomatoes, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, cheddar cheese, or roasted portabella mushrooms; among the many choices that can adorn your salad to make the greatest salad in the world… and every item is prepared exactly as you like it!!


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